The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.- Ps. 68:11

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Dunamis Press is a premier Christian book self-publisher for authors.

We publish paperback, hardcover and eBooks. In addition, we help authors promote their books via author websites, news media, social media and word of mouth. Dunamis Press is the publishing house for authors who are also pastors and leaders of ministries. Our relationship continues even after your book is released. You are empowered and not left in the lurch until your next book. By the grace of God, we help you make things happen.

Why Choose Us to Publish Your Christian Book

You are a person of excellence and you cherish the call of God on your life. You are the kind that starts and finishes whatever he or she does; a go-getter for Jesus.

Your reputation is important to you. You desire a quality, professionally edited and eye-catching product. You care a lot about getting your message across to the world.

You prefer a publisher with a clear understanding of the Word of God, your mission and vision. You prefer a publisher who immediately knows what you are talking about.

You care about souls. Salvation through Jesus Christ is important to you and your ministry. You are a shepherd with deep love for Christ’s sheep.

How We Are Different from Other Christian Publishers

We have one message, that is, Jesus Christ and salvation through Him. We don’t publish books that insult the Gospel of Jesus Christ or not align with His Word.

We don’t make our authors buy their Christian books from us. We utilize offset printing to publish your work.

Based on your schedule, time and budget, we inform you about the best route or publishing program for you.

We are not a POD (print on demand publisher). We have seen in the industry that bookstores do not like to stock books by POD publishers. Therefore, we encourage pastors to print their books in bulk (best bang for your buck) and set authors up with top Christian book distributors.

We have customized programs to meet your needs, schedule and budget.

Let us help you publish your Christian book and take your message to the world. Someone near you or even across the ocean needs to hear your story.

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